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Douglas Ethridge

PO Box 242, Tahuya WA 98588




When I view my 40 plus years of making images both artistic and commercial, what becomes very clear to me is that I am at heart an observer and a teller of stories. I have no particular agenda to promote, nor a desire to tell a viewer what they "should" see when they contemplate my work. I ask only an honest viewing and hope that a chord is touched.

My very earliest creative training was in music, and then in college photography became increasingly important. Over the years, I was able to merge these two interests by becoming a producer and director of corporate multi-media and video work. My firm created product events, museum installations, marketing films and the like for prominent Northwest clients. Working on impossible deadlines with failure never an option forced me to hone a large arsenal of technical and creative skills that have stood me in good stead as an artist.

Media work, be it music or photography/filmmaking, is an odd mixture of creativity and technology. The artist is quite dependent on their instrument of choice to convey their vision. Personally, I delight in sorting through my various photographic instruments, be they still or video, large or small, and choosing the right one for the task at hand, knowing full well that each of them is going to influence the end result in a particular way unique to that type of instrument.

Having a diverse tool kit extends to the printmaking side as well. What a pleasure that modern technology has brought about a resurgence in antique methods such as platinum/palladium, and that our current tools make the creation of flawless pigment prints a reasonable task. Add to the mix the classic silver-gelatin workflow and the possibility of mixed media work, and the pallet available to the contemporary printmaker is unlimited.

The convergence of all these technologies makes this an exciting time to be working as a photographic artist. Clearly on any given project, one must stop experimenting at some point and make the work. But for me personally, the ability to execute work in multiple media at once is an integral and important part of my creative process.


Three-person exhibition, Verve Gallery of Photography, Santa Fe, NM, Stories from Cuba
Heavy Metal, juried group exibition, LightBox Gallery, Astoria Oregon. Two palladium prints from the Havana series.
Solo Exhibition, LightBox Gallery, Astoria, OR, 27 Mornings In Winter

Solo Exhibition, Camerawork Gallery, Portland, OR, Waypoints
Juried Group Exhibition, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA, Waypoints

Three-person exhibition, Verve Gallery of Photography, Santa Fe, NM, Selective
Memories (aka Waypoints)
Featured Artist, Frans Van Hove Gallery, Leuven, Belgium, Primordial Seas
Photo LA, Kevin Longino Fine Arts, Waypoints

Lishiu International Photo Festival, Lishui, China, Selective Memories (aka Waypoints)
Photo LA, Verve Gallery of Photography & Kevin Longino Fine Arts, various works

Solo Exhibition, Galerie BMG, Woodstock, NY, Oasis
Solo Exhibition, Camera Work Gallery, Portland, OR, The Concerns of Metropolis
Solo Exhibition, PiP Gallery, Portland, OR, Solitary Voyagers

Two-person exhibition, Verve Gallery of Photography, Santa Fe, NM, Primordial Seas
Solo exhibition, Watermark Fine Arts, Houston, TX, Primordial Seas
Solo exhibition, wallspace gallery, Seattle, WA, Primordial Seas
Two-person exhibition, Farmani Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Primordial Seas
Solo exhibition, Open Shutter Gallery, Durango, Colorado, Urban Observations

Solo Exhibition, wallspace gallery, Seattle, WA, various works
Solo Exhibition, Gallery Unpublished, Seattle, WA, Laundry Day

Group show, Verve Gallery of Photography, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Urban Observations

1st Prize B&W, “Assignment Earth,” Santa Fe Center For Photography