Why a folio or a book? The easiest answer is that just as we don't listen to one single phrase of music,
but rather listen to an entire composition, sometimes a body of work is made more meaningful
when presented in the context of other images or when combined with narrative text.

27 Mornings in Winter

27 Mornings In Winter

The folio for 27 Mornings In Winter is hand made using a Tibetan oiled paper cover, French's Speckletone paper as the liner and folio insert, and a found object button as the closure. The 5 1/2" x 10 1/2" platinum/palladium prints are made in my Tahuya studio on 13" x17" Arches Platine paper. We hand assemble each folio, and include a DVD of the short film that the still images were created from. There are 12 prints in each folio, with an edition of 10.

In the Season of the Loon

Beyond the Malecón

As presently envisioned, this book is comprised of a monograph plus an accompanying travel essay narrating encounters with the many wonderful characters who invited me into their lives, if only for a few hours. The book project will soon enter the fund-raising stage. To be added to a mailing list which will announce the book campaign, please send an email here: doug@douglasethridge.com